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We have the solution to solve this - EVAPORATIVE COOLING


Evaporative cooling is a completely natural way of producing refreshing cool air....
Simple air distribution systems deliver cool, fresh air to provide complete building coverage or spot cooling.
Sophisticated process controls together with naturally low water operation temperatures assure a hygienic and safe cooling unit.
At 10% of the running cost of air conditioning and lower installation costs the EcoCooling evaporative cooler is a truly LOW COST cooling system.



 Evaporative Cooling

 Comparison with Conventional


Evaporative Air Cooling

  • Uses only 10% of the electricity compared with conventional air conditioning
  • No refrigerants
  • Supplies 100% fresh cooled air
  • Low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Simple engineering
  • Low purchase cost
  • Performance improves at high temperatures


Refrigerated Air Conditioning

  • High electrical use due to refrigerant circuit compressor
  • Uses environmentally damaging refrigerants
  • Uses mainly recycled air
  • High carbon dioxide impact
  • Complex engineering
  • High purchase cost
  • Performance reduces at high temperatures


Air Conditioning


When installing these eco cooling units, there are many different installation and distribution methods which can be used. Below is just a few examples of industries which find evaporative cooling effective.


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